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Souljah Fyah

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Janaya Ellis, Did you teach native studies at Lloydminster comprehensive high school in 1998? If so, I still have your book Kaffir Boy by Mark Mathabane
Souljahfyah you rocked at Edmonton's 1st Reggae Fest last weekend. As a group we have been followers since your beginning, and you made us proud and happy to have taken the drive from Calgary to see you all on stage once again. Keep up the great job and keep enjoying what you do best, Sharing the word and Love, Reggae Style. Clare / Mervyn
SoulJah Fyah was Great to see! The whole vibe, delivery, band, lyrics and message. Everything I would hope to see in musical leader, was demonstrated. Iam an instant fan and cant wait to see more performances. Especially since knowing these beautiful people are from Edmonton. :) 1Love to all. Would really love to see you all on next years "welcome to.jamrock cruise"
Would you like to play In North Bay and Sudbury Ontario for 2015 Bob Marley Birthday Celebration. Can we afford you?
Really enjoyed your show last night at the EFMF event, thanks!
Nice to meet you at the St Andrews church. Mick wanted to come but is busy with his newish wife. Hope to see you at your next gig or will bug my bro to invite you to our fire side gatherings some warm night.
It has been years now since I visited Alberta. From Ft Mcmurry to Ft Mcloud, a year I spent in search of fortunes, spent three weeks with the ravens and Elk in Banff. I remember an intense stay at the hostel called Auberge Chez Nous in Calgary, it is a good thing that I have Army Medic training because my new-found Native American Canadian friend by the name of Andy took a couple of stabbs in his lower back and he refused my advice to go to the I patched him up with butterflies. I remember many other things from my adventures in Canada, and among them your performance, the music of Souljah Fyah, stood out. Now I am home in Washington state and about to graduate from the University of Washington with a Business degree...then on to law school. I hope to see you guys in Seattle and Tacoma at some point. The spirit is strong here...and these cities will LOVE Souljah Fyah!! Glad I found you here. Be blessed!
I've been listening to yous for a few years now . I see your shows when I can . Been playing your music pretty hard at work and everyone likes it ( 30 ) plus people . I've been up north for five months now working Thanks for helping me through it . Captain
I love that your music has such a positive sound and message. I hope to get to see you live some time!
Keep up the great song writing and all the best to you in the future!
Was at the show in Edmonton at Avenue on the 16th, great show!
Greetings, This is Robert, Cas Haley's Sound engineer. We met at the Open Air Festival last year in Edmonton. How are you guys doing? I hope everything is irie. All is well here, doing some work in the motherland, Africa. Been busy. Anyway, Big up to you all and one love.
I helped you at the branch today. I checked this out and I'm amazed! You are such a great singer! Hope to see you again!
Loved you concert in Spruce Grove on Canada Day!!
Keep the music alive. Nuff respect!
I jsut wanted to say that i loved having you as our music teacher at Colchester School, you always made every class count! I really enjoyed the stories that you told us about your hoemtown in Jamica. Hope all is going well. Anoela
Longtime fan, love your live shows! Keep doing the right thing and spreading the good vibes. Peace!
i love your site
Thank you guys so much for playing at Devins Hope on Saturday. We were so honored. We've been listening to your CD all day. Adeline is looking forward to having you over for some Haitian vegetarian. Thanks again, you helped to make the night so special. Steve
Love it! Great sound!
Hello beautiful people :) love you all n hope to see you play soon!
I heart Souljah Fyah! Keep on spreading the love!
souljah fyah for life ^_^
You guys and Lady are AWESOME! Hope to hear more from ya =)
onelove :)
Greetings from Texas, Hope you all are doing Irie!
"One Love!"
Greetings, it was a pleasure to meet you guys. sista J and Dorant, you guys are the coolest!! big up!!!! Hope to see you guys sometime in the states. Nuff respect.
FABULOUS you folks are!
Saw you guys at the Mountainview music Festival! You were great!
sista jaa coll me is in portant phone no 780
Stoked to hear that you playing Pembina River Nights!
When is your next concert? The website needs to be updated!
I looooooooooooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeee you guys!!!! :-) What? You said "leave some love" on here :-P
Hey guys, long time no see! I am stoked on hearing the new album asap. Loving life living here in Golden BC.......come do a show!!!!!
Site is looking nice!!! I really like the cover art for I Wish, can't wait to hear it.
See you guys Dec 5th..
Cool new website! I will be at your CD Release party..... Always for you!
keep up beautiful music.see you at the dec gig.
I'm missing you guys all the way from New Zealand! Love the new site.
Come to Forestburg!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Hope to see you soon. Love yah.
Love the sound. Don't change a thing.
AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you all. Hope to see you in Forestburg Again. :)
No man it sounds good!!
Testing, testing, 123. It sounds a little boxy. Maybe give me some more mids? TSSSST check 123, TSSST!