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Blessings from a warm and humid place, filled with morning birdsong, sweet children, and music.  We hear that E-town got 15 cm of snow yesterday, and we know that isn't fun for most of you.  I guess we have a lot to look forward to this summer, as things warm up, and as our gardens start to grow.  One good thing- this may be the greenest summer we have had in a very long time.  

We have been here for one full week, and have been moving at such an efficient pace here in Negril.  Before leaving home, we recorded bed tracks at Edmontone Studios with the man Doug Organ.  These tracks from Doug's studio have been foundational in our movements forward here.  The quality and caliber of those tracks have been crucial to our success - we highly recommend you check E-town's Edmontone here

We have been working with Mojo Herb at Mad Rebel Studio to mix, record vocals, and also do overdubs.  Our good friend Auresia linked us up with Mojo, after the studio we had booked closed down.  Auresia, you helped us BIG TIME in a pinch, and sister, we send you such love for this.  Check out Auresia here.

All of us are so impressed by Mojo's work ethic, his superb instincts, his humility, his raw talent.  He is lifting us into the levels that we intended as we came here to the home of Reggae music.  We were looking for that balance between our own SJF sound, mixed with a true instinctual understanding and Raspect for the music.  We found it in Mojo Herb.  So much love for him.  Check him out here.

On Monday, we will have a conversation with Carrie Mullings on her Canadian Reggae Show Rebel Vibez on CHRY in T.O.  Many of you in E-Town will remember Carrie as the MC at the Calgary International Reggae Festival. She is a voice for all of us as we spread our wings and make a joyful noise.  Blessings and thanks for this opportunity, Carrie.   Check her out on Twitter 

We couldn't be doing this without the amazing support of our fans and friends.  Below please find a video thanking those of you who have contributed by sending us your financial support.  We are so very appreciative. I anticipate there will be a second video of thanks, and just know that we think of you all as we do our 1 hour walk to the studio every day.  Every step is one of gratitude and humility.  

If you feel called to contribute to our new album, you can still support SJF on this recording journey.  Dr. Paul has upped the stakes now- as follows:

Fan contribution of $1-25, Souljah Fyah video shout-out.

Contribution of $26-100, Shout out, plus signed copy of new album, hand delivered by a member of SJF to your home (within 25 KM of E-town - otherwise we will mail it to you :)

Contribution of $101-999, Shout out, signed hand delivered copy of new album, plus our acoustic Souljah Fyah duo will come to your workplace and sing a mini-set for you and your friends/co-workers during your lunch break (or come to your home if you prefer).  If you live more than 25 km from E-town, we will Skype your concert to you.

Contribution of $1000+, Shout out, signed delivered copy, plus we will write a song especially for you.  Your life story, a certain challenge you face, a desire to express gratitude... whatever you choose, your unique and personal story will inspire this song.  Souljah Fyah will release your song as a part of the bonus releases of 2015.  

Note: All those who have donated so far will also be included in the new contribution rewards:)  



Blessings and deep thanks, 
Way, Dr. P, Saint, Norm, and TOT


Blessings SJF Family,

I am writing you from the Seattle Airport, sitting next to my 10 year old who is yawning but fighting sleep at the tail end of an 8 hour layover to Montego Bay.  We are a party of 9, including 4 band members, a dear friend, and our four collective children.  I can feel my heart start to squeeze in excitement as I let the craziness of my busy life slowly take a fade, and allow this moment - a small moment as I look at my Ovation guitar, all of our carry-on items, and all of us here in this waiting place - a moment that is slowly dawning on me.  We are actually here. 

We are excited to learn, grow, bond, play, and soak up the mystical and divine vibrations of roots reggae.

What we don't know is what this trip will produce for us - and we are all committed to the idea that it will be much more about the experience than the end product.  

What we do know, as we wait to board in 28 minutes, is that when you make up your mind to do something,  and walk toward it with unwavering faith, that LIFE will meet you where you said you would be, and support you in such magical ways.  However you name this Mystical Force  - God, Jah, Goddess, Allah, Buddha, Angels, The Universe, Great Spirit, Creator... no matter the name - this amazing energy of love and light will meet you wherever you said you would be.  We are here in this airport despite every roadblock we could have let be the reason we didn't show up.  We are here.

We will carry you with us, our dear friends, family, fans.  We have found strength to keep the music alive because of your encouragement, your presence, your loyalty.  We are beyond blessed to have such a tight family of fans, and we never forget your support and love, no matter what.

We have saved for these flights, accommodation, child care and food, studio time - largely by playing music.  What an amazing thing to be able to say this.  Also amazing, is that our trip is partly financially supported also by those of you who have reached out and donated to our project.  As promised, we will send a personalized video shout out from the sunny streets and beaches of Jamaica to every person or group who donates to our new album.  The list is beginning to grow, and we thank you so much for your contribution to our project.  

If you would like to offer your support to us on this adventure, we will add you to our list of personalized video shout-outs.  The clips will appear on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.  Some will also appear as well  in our followup newsletters.  We just want to express our appreciation to you in a way that is public, fun and light hearted.  If you prefer to remain anonymous, please do let us know.

If you would like to contribute, please click on the link below to donate your specified amount.  


Thank you, Blessings, And Wish us Luck!

Souljah Fyah

Deep breath here.

It has been so long that I haven't visited this blog, or written.  Many folks in the SJF fan and family base have wondered if we fell off the earth.  There have been many moons since we have created any new music, or done regular shows.  Our drop off the radar happened about 4 years ago.  This note is intended to explain, and to thank those who have checked in, sent love, and just been present for us as we sorted through it all.  I write this note because I have finally come to a place of wanting to share my experience with you, and hopefully my story will inspire you to always know your worthiness of health and healing.

Last month we had the distinct pleasure of discovering the cleanest air on the planet in Whitehorse, Yukon.  Next two weeks, I will fly with the young'uns to TO - with stops to perform on air, hand out free music, spread the vibes.  If you are familiar with Toronto and/or SJF's brand of Roots Reggae, where do you recommend I hit and why?

Greetings SJF Family!

It is time for SJF to hit the pavement running with the new album (and new baby) in tow!  We are so excited to share music and dancing with you all.  Be sure to download the new album "I Wish" from iTunes, CD Baby, or just pick it up at our shows.... can't wait to see you there!


ini-heart-sjf-on-black-001_resized-cropped-photo.jpgWell I for one am excited to have ordered the new t-shirts... loving the new design.  We are so lucky to have Sean Devine who just does amazing work.  Thank you Sean!!  We will have the new t's at the Red Deer and Edmonton CD Release parties, as well as new buttons with the same design.  I love this stage of the process... CD's in hand, shows booked... now just fun to spread the word.  So we are gearing up for the big push.... of the new CD "I Wish" of course.  


We are gearing up for the big release of the new album, and with new comes change... so bear with me as we get our new website together.  So far so good, I think.  

We hope to see Edmontonians at the Edmonton CD release party... December 5th at On The Rocks.  We released our last album there and it was a hype Reggae party to the end.


One Love


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